Residential and Commercial
Excavating in Somerset, PA

Sanner Concrete & Supply Performs Excavation in
Somerset County

Sanner Concrete & Supply performs excavating services for our customers in Somerset County, PA. Excavation is one of the first steps of the construction process. We provide residential and commercial excavating in the region. Excavation will be done before any construction begins, clearing sod, rocks, trees, bushes, and other possible buildings. We have the heavy equipment, tools, and know-how to do the job correctly and on-schedule. Homeowners and business owners know that when they want the job done right, Sanner Concrete & Supply is the way to go. Give us a call at (814) 926-3606 when you need our excavating services.

What to Expect During the Excavating Project

Sanner Concrete & Supply will give you a free estimate on the cost of the excavating project. When you hire us, we will schedule your project, arrive on the scheduled date and time, and begin excavating the property. We will follow the excavating process down to the smallest detail. Our experienced excavating crews will clear the land, dig through the ground to the required level, and construct trenches and wells. We will replace the topsoil, re-grade the property, and attend to any small details.

Sanner Concrete & Supply
Excavating Services Include:

Lot Clearing
Sod Removal
Tree Removal
Rock Removal
Commercial Site Preparation

Site Work
Septic Systems Excavation
Road Excavation
Driveway Excavation
Site Cleanup

Business Owners Can Count On Sanner Concrete & Supply

Commercial customers can count on Sanner Concrete & Supply to get your project done correctly and affordably. We know business owners and managers have concerns about the budget and the time it takes to complete an excavation project. Our excavating crews will work hard to meet budget and time demands. We well keep the lines of communication open, and report any problems that may arise.

Trust Us for Honest and Fair Work

We provide residents and business owners of Somerset County, including Somerset, Shanksville, Berlin, Meyersdale, and Central City, with honest and fair work throughout the project. We dedicate ourselves to the excavation of your property. Contact us with any questions you may have during the excavating process.