Retaining Blocks
in Somerset, PA

Sanner Concrete & Supply Provides Versatile
Retaining Blocks

Sanner Concrete & Supply sells versatile and durable retaining blocks to customers in Somerset County, PA. Contractors use retaining blocks to build retaining walls, which is a structure that retains the soil behind it. Retaining blocks can also improve your landscaping and add to the curb appeal of your Somerset, PA, home. Retaining blocks are available in different colors and sizes, giving homeowners and landlords options. Give us a call at (814) 926-3606 when you want to buy retaining blocks, or stop in at 155 Warehouse Road in Rockwood, PA.

Retaining Walls Protect
Home and Soil

Homeowners in Somerset County sometimes find that they have to add a retaining wall to their property because an old retaining wall collapsed or is in disrepair, or they find water damage in their home.

Sanner Construction & Supply can install affordable retaining blocks to build the retaining wall. Other uses for retaining walls include making a parking area for guests, protecting the soil, as part of your overall landscaping needs, keeping dirt off of steps and paths, and much more.

Retailing Block Color Options are Available

You have options when choosing colors for retaining blocks, which used to only come in drab gray. Now, you have the opportunity to choose from a vast array of colors of retaining wall blocks. Sanner Concrete & Supply will work with you to come up with the best color of retaining block for your wall. We advise homeowners and landlords to choose colors that match the materials around your property.

Trust Sanner to do the Job Correctly

Sanner Concrete & Supply can install retaining blocks quickly and without harming other structures on the property. Sometimes, a DIY project can become more expensive and cause further problems if not done correctly. Our crews will do the job correctly the first time and clean up after we are done. Contact us to get a free estimate or if you have any questions about retaining blocks.