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Wire Mesh and Rebar
in Somerset, PA

Sanner Concrete & Supply Carries Reinforcing Steel in Somerset County, PA

Purchase sturdy wire mesh and rebar in Somerset, PA, from Sanner Concrete & Supply. We proudly serve Somerset County and the surrounding areas as the local source for reinforcing steel supplies. From welded wire mesh to sturdy steel rebar, we have the materials you need to do quality concrete projects.

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Wire Mesh as Concrete Reinforcement in Driveways and More

Sanner Concrete & Supply offers wire mesh for use in concrete reinforcement. Wire mesh helps minimize the settling and cracking of concrete. This can be especially important in our region due to changes we experience in temperature. Wire mesh can also be an essential component in poured concrete installations to distribute weight.

Any paving project consists of different layers. Wire mesh’s added strength can be a plus when the subgrade is not up to par. For driveways with weight of multiple vehicles, placing wire mesh inches below the surface helps to distribute the load. This added support means less maintenance later due to significant cracking.

Advantages of Using Steel Rebar in Somerset, PA, for Concrete Projects

If you watch a professional construction crew at work, you may know some of the uses of steel rebar. Rebar gives added tensile strength to concrete that is resistant to corrosion. It consists of ridged carbon steel, which gives stronger support than steel wires, fiberglass, and other products.

The use of rebar has been part of construction techniques since the late 1800s. So, it is a time-tested material that offers continues advantages in construction today. Call Sanner Concrete & Supply for more information on the types of rebar we have available.

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