Installation and Paving in Somerset, PA

Sanner Concrete & Supply Provides Durable and
Affordable Driveways

Sanner Concrete & Supply provides Somerset, PA; Rockwood, PA; Meyersdale, PA; and the rest of Somerset County with durable and affordable driveways. Homeowners and business owners hire us to construct superior driveways without the superior prices. Our driveway professionals know what it takes to make a new driveway stand out in the neighborhood. You will no longer have to rake gravel and rocks out of your lawn after you plow your unpaved driveway. We can customize your driveway by installing a paved surface of any length or width.  Give us call at (814) 926-3606 when you want a new driveway or to replace your old driveway.

Our Driveway Paving Will Make You the Envy of the Neighborhood

Are you considering about paving your driveway yourself? Sanner Concrete & Supply recommends calling us. A DIY project could be costlier and more frustrating than you anticipated. We realize that you might have concerns about the cost of a driveway project done by a professional paver, but Sanner Concrete & Supply’s residential paving will save you money and frustration. We will install a smooth driveway that will be the envy of the neighborhood. 

We Work with You to Install the Best Driveway Possible

The driveway professionals at Sanner Concrete & Supply will team with you to find out exactly what you need in a new driveway. Our experience in installing driveways is an advantage homeowners, landlords, and business owners can rely on. If you are not sure of whether you need a new driveway, we can help you determine that. You might just need asphalt patching or cracks filled. Contact us when you need our driveway services in Somerset County.