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Quality Topsoil
in Somerset, PA

Sanner Concrete & Supply Provides Topsoil in the Somerset, PA, Area

When you need quality topsoil in Somerset, PA, contact the team at Sanner Concrete & Supply. Our knowledgeable team has served Somerset and the surrounding areas since 2011. Topsoil is just one of the many landscaping and concrete supplies we carry, and deliver, throughout the area.

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Topsoil for Home and Commercial Projects

Residents may choose to fill a garden bed at least eight inches deep with topsoil. New lawns benefit with a layer of 3-6 inches of topsoil before planting.

For larger projects and commercial uses, it is often more cost-effective to buy topsoil in bulk. Call Sanner Concrete & Supply today for an estimate and for delivery.

Fill Holes and Eroded Spots with Topsoil for Soil Remediation Projects

Area landscaping professionals use topsoil to fill in lower areas of lawns to make them more level. From filling holes and repairing eroded spots, topsoil serves the purpose in various soil remediation projects. Use economical topsoil for general fill and for lawn sodding and seeding projects.

Commercial topsoil consists of a combination of sand, clay, and organic matter such as compost and peat moss. These add nutrients and help improve drainage and drought resistance overall. However, there are blends of topsoil materials available for specific purposes. Speak with the professionals at Sanner Concrete & Supply about your topsoil projects and needs today.

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